You all know the story of what happened within the halls of Hogwarts but now, it's time to learn what happened inside Durmstrang's dark fortress.
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 Employment Claims

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Celaena Hendrix
Celaena Hendrix

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PostSubject: Employment Claims   Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:59 pm

Durmstrang Jobs

Headmistress - Taken by Celaena Hendrix
Deputy Head - OPEN
Head Healer - OPEN
Librarian - OPEN
Groundskeeper - OPEN

Head of Milostiv - OPEN
Head of Strom - OPEN
Head of Falkov - OPEN
Head of Dova - OPEN

Astronomy Professor - OPEN
Care of Magical Creatures Professor - OPEN
Charms Professor - OPEN
Defence against the Dark Arts Professor - OPEN
Flying Professor - OPEN
Herbology Professor - OPEN
History of Magic Professor - OPEN
Potions Professor - OPEN
Transfiguration Professor - OPEN

Alchemy Professor - OPEN
Ancient Runes Professor -  OPEN
Ancient Studies Professor - OPEN
Apparition Professor- OPEN
Arithmancy Professor - OPEN
Art Professor - OPEN
Combat Professor - OPEN
Conjuring Professor - OPEN
Cursework Professor - OPEN
Divination Professor - OPEN
Dueling Professor - OPEN
Elemental Magic Professor - OPEN
Ghoul Studies Professor - OPEN
Healing Professor - OPEN
Human Transfiguration Professor - OPEN
Illusion Professor - OPEN
Post Mortem Studies Professor - OPEN
Spell Creation Professor - OPEN
Torture Professor - OPEN
Wandless Magic Professor - OPEN
Xylomancy Professor - OPEN

Ispolin Port Jobs

Durmstrang Ship Captain - Taken by Calypso Zervos
Ship Crew - OPEN

Catahan's Postal Express Workers - OPEN
Dyavol's Apothecary Worker - OPEN
Zmey's Wand Shop Worker - OPEN
Grimoire's and Tomes Worker - OPEN
Trick or Treat Worker - OPEN
Valentin's Galore Worker - OPEN
Oris' Quills and Curses Worker - OPEN
Mortimer's Menagerie Worker - OPEN

 Ministry Jobs

Minister of Magic - OPEN
Minister's Secretary - OPEN
Minister's Adviser - OPEN
Minister's Bodyguard - OPEN

Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement - OPEN
Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement - OPEN
Head Auror - OPEN
Aurors OPEN

Head of the Department of Mysteries - OPEN
Co-head of the Department of Mysteries - OPEN
Unspeakables - OPEN
Curse Breaker - OPEN

Head of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes - OPEN
Accidental Magic Reversal Squad - OPEN
Obliviators - OPEN
Invisibility Task Force - OPEN

Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures - OPEN
Head of the Beast Division - OPEN
Beast Division - OPEN
Head of the Being Division - OPEN
Being Division - OPEN
Head of the Spirit Division - OPEN
Spirit Division - OPEN
Head of the Goblin Division - OPEN
Goblin Division - OPEN
Head of the Centaur Division - OPEN
Centaur Division - OPEN

Head of the Department of Magical Transportation - OPEN
Floo Network Authority - OPEN
Broom Regulators - OPEN
Portkey Operator - OPEN
Apparation Tester - OPEN


Warden - OPEN
Guards - OPEN
Counsellors - OPEN
Nurses - OPEN
Mentors - OPEN
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Employment Claims
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